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The Best Exercise

These days everybody is hurry to get to their workplace. We done our job sometimes until late at night. On the weekend we are busy with our family, kids, wife or our partner. There is no time to exercise except for those who are putting a schedule in their list to go to the gym.

What I was trying to say here, just let go with your life everyday and don't dissolute about your daily life activities. To make you stay healthy aside from eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, there is something you can consider about it.

Most people don't realised that they are exposed to the wide of time to exercise everyday. What I mean here is you can walk to your office.

Walk to your workplace everyday at least you walk 2 km everyday. For the first time it is difficult for you but after a week you walked you started to feel your breath some kind of easy. Specially for those who used cigarettes they will feel that their breathing is kind of more easy than before. This simple exercise is a little difficult for someone used car to get to office. Everybody has a different experienced to go to work, so here I included one of my best friend experienced he took and practice in his normal daily life. He parked his car away from his office and he get up early everyday to make sure he did not late to go to office.

At the office also avoiding sitting on your chair for a long of time. Try to walk when you on your free time. Sitting in front of your computer for too long it will lead you to body posture effects.

For more info of effects, you can follow this link.

I hope this simple writing can help you to add some formula to your daily healthy life...


Bhakra Gani.

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