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My First Week...

22/04/2010 - Thursday

Today is the third day I am not smoking. My emotion challenges me to buy a cigarette and wants me to puff it. However, the power to change of myself, to throw away the habit of smoking, makes me struggle for it. At last, I succeed to manage myself by not taking cigarette for this day.

What is helping me today to fight my bad habit?

The answer is simple because all of these came from our own thinking and desire. I learned to control my emotion and put my knowledge in front of me. When I want to smoke, immediately I remember the cause of death by cigarette. In USA, alone the cause of death by cigarette approximately 400,000 people per year recorded. The fastest memory of mine to recall the fact helps me not smoking today.

The impact to my body is not easy as others think. I was experiencing cough and flu. My head also feels bad. I was fighting these effects by taking a balanced meal. However, other problems exist; I double my time to eat. I hope this will not lead me to the obesity.

23/04/2010 - Friday

I wake up early today as a result by not smoking because I was anxious throughout the entire night. I cannot sleep well on that night. My wife and I went to the market and we took a breakfast there. This experienced is rarely we did. After all, usually a smoker will take a cigarette after breakfast but for today, I can handle it by bring in my wife stroll around the market and bought her some flowers.

At home, I shifted my concentration on cigarette by doing some works on my laptop. I also was listening to the mp3 song. Then I sang together. This situation leads me to produced one song for my next album.

24/04/2010 – Saturday

Every Saturday and Sunday my routine is to go to Tuition Centre. I was a private tutor since year 2000. I teach Add Math and Physics subjects. Early morning usually I took two or three cigarettes before breakfast. Nevertheless, today the environment is different, because I did not take a cigarette anymore.

At my workplace, I was experienced coughing. The symptom of stop smoking was annoying my performance in front of my students. I explained to them that I was fighting with myself to stop smoking without taking any medicine. The pressure and the insider instinct to smoke, finally I was able to manage it by doing some jokes with my students.

On that night, I attend to my friend’s activity and listening to his speech from 8 pm to 10 pm. I really enjoyed with his presentation. After dinner, I completely went to my bedroom. This time I sleep early than last night. Unfortunately, at midnight, I feel tired and shivering. I woke up from the bed and I cannot sleep well until morning.

25/04/2010 – Sunday

I wake up late today. I feel very tired but I urge myself to stay healthy and continue to go to work. I used public transport. On my way, there was a person smoking in the bus and I sit next to him. I feel strange and I cannot breathe normally. Now, I realized people who do not smoke are suffering by this bad habit.

I was coughing continually at the workplace. I handle the situation by drinking a lot of water. My body temperature also increase and I feel not comfortable while I am in the class. My duty end usually at 5 pm but for today I extend it for 5.30 pm. If I am not extending my time, I will go downstairs and take some cigarette.

After dinner, the vivid of smoking comes to my mind and my inner force me to buy a cigarette. This time I really have to fight my emotion very hardly. I take deep breath, open my laptop, and start reading my eBook.

26/04/2010 – Monday

I wake up late today because I still got shivering last night. I take breakfast with fried noodles that my kids buy it for me. Today is completely a week I am stop smoking. I continue my work at my laptop by producing new acoustic song for my album.

I took my lunch with my wife at Champion Bowl nearby the cinema. I told her that since last week I did not take any cigarette. Her reaction was very happy and she was supported my decision.

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