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Nutrition that brain needs for health

Hypericum perforatum (bostryx)
Hypericum perforatum (bostryx) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The brain clearly one of the most important parts of our body. With the many processes and functions of the brain is still not fully understood, it may be difficult to know exactly what you need to help make it function properly. There are several supplements on the market, but which clearly shows the extraordinary impact on the health of this important organ. Here are a few of them:

Fish Oil:
Harvested from the bodies of fish, fish oils refined through a process of science and turned into supplement form. Containing Omega-3 fatty acid, fish oil can have many effects on your body for the better. For one, fish oil can help prevent Alzheimer's disease arise. This is also associated with better memory, clearer mind, and heart health. One of the best nutrition for healthy brain, these effects on your body can supplement the area.

Make sure you only buy pharmaceutical quality fish oil, however, because this is a process that removes heavy metals found in fish because of pollution. If fish oil is not pharmaceutical quality, you begin taking the risk of hazardous materials such as mercury.

St John's Wort:
A cure for depression that has been used for centuries, this natural substance has far less side effects than anti-depressants offered by drug companies. All but proven to improve mood and banish depression, this herb quickly for the validity of anti-depressant in the scientific community. May be purchased in supplement format.

Ginko Biloba:
Harvested from the oldest tree on this planet suffer, Ginko helps keep your brain in the best condition to work. Used for over 5,000 years, ginkgo is known to assist in helping to decrease memory and circulation problems associated with old age. Studies show that ginkgo may help increase blood flow to the brain and stimulate nerve activity, so that short-term memory is better.
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