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The Great Guardian: The Sudden War

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In the middle of grassland in a world called Tseroff, a man woke up, remembering nothing. He may have known nothing, but soon he realizes that ... he's everything. The world's in chaos and war has waged all over Tseroff and he's the only one who can end it, he will.

Adam who is supposed to be the Great Guardian, the protector of Tseroff, disappeared centuries ago and came back knowing nothing. The war, called the Sudden War, was waged by an outsider who wants to take Tseroff which are rich with power that will grant him invincibility but if he wants to achieve that, Tseroff must be destroyed. The Tseroffians was hoping that even Adam, who is not fully capable anymore, could end it. The unsure so called Adam, the Great Guardian, of himself took the leap and brought hope to Tseroffians. The peaceful world of Tseroff will now be the battlefield of a war that suddenly started. Their past will never be the same and their future will only wait.

I'm a fifteen years old student from Malaysia, who loves reading books, I'm a bookworm. One day I thought that instead of reading other writers' books, why shouldn't I start writing my own? I maybe just a kid, but I believe that making dreams come true starts now.

Mohd Raif Shafwan Bhakra

[The Great Guardian: 420+pages, 125,000+words] Only $2.99

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