The main aim of Bhakra website is to deliver new branding plr. Apart from plr ebooks and plr videos, in addition Bhakra provides inspirational videos, motivational articles as well as internet marketing tips. Moreover, Bhakra publishing contents according to its values of education and deliver to website visitors for educational purpose only.

Bhakra Gani as a technician at Siemens Technology Malaysia for almost 3 years. After that, he ventured into the field of education for 19 years since 2000. His education center in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia has helped numerous students in the science stream and successfully set foot in higher education institutions in Malaysia as well as overseas. Furthermore, in his spare time, he devoted considerable time implementing research how to improve the IQ of students through graphics and listening to music particularly Mozart. Additionally, as an internet entrepreneur he produced products such as graphics and videos based on his research.