Galaxy Fold: The Issue Arise.

Galaxy Fold and The Issue arise.

On last Wednesday Samsung showed its latest release product Galaxy Fold. There are, various interesting stories and issues arise after Samsung announced the latest Galaxy Fold.

One of them is me. After seeing the video on Samsung’s official site, I can feel the excited about this latest design. Surely numerous of Samsung fans are looking forward to this Galaxy Fold. However, I ensure not know yet what is the feeling when I hold this unique design of Samsung Galaxy Fold on it launches date.

The Price

However, the price for Galaxy Fold’s unique and stylish is at around $ 1980 according to reports from Samsung’s sources when it launches on April 26. For those of you who are interested in Samsung brand products, you can save money from today. Just kidding.
Galaxy Fold

The Features

The features that impresses me about this Galaxy Fold is one of its memory capacities.
12GB RAM (LPDDR4x) with 512GB internal storage (UFS3.0). The main display is
7.3 ” QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED Display (4.2: 3). Refer to Samsung official site for more information.

The Ads

Even so, there must be issues that arise. Surely from critics or from other brands of fans. Then, perhaps you know who I mean right? Here I prepare not support any manufacturers, just before Samsung’s advertising seems to extend Apple’s product. In the ads Samsung looks like mocking Apple. One of the features is “lack of jack”. Moreover, Samsung shared in its previous ads. However, it turns out that Samsung also released the same features this time.

The Wireless

Otherwise, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Fold does not have a slot for your headphones. Goodbye to the fan of headphone jack. In fact, nowadays we force to use the latest release of technology. Therefore, Samsung also introduced “wireless earbuds” at the same event at a price of $ 130.

In conclusion, it appears Samsung has also adopted ideas coming from Apple’s products. However, that is a problem of giant companies today. We as consumers must choose which ones fit our consumption and worth our money.

Bhakra Gani.

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